I am a broke college student and I have a rant!

I know this is supposes to some of the best years of my life but I don’t know if I can afford rent and that kinda sucks.

Let me back up. I had an interruption in my studies and haven’t been in school for over a year. (I’ll give you a hint: my book is about people in a treatment center for eating disorders.) So I’m trying to get back on track by taking some gen ed classes this summer. I’m going to a community college to save money. I found a student housing place that would let me sign a contract that I could pay them once my financial aid comes through. We’re golden right?

Down goes domino 1: The student housing place is completely full for summer. Damn. I check with friends if they have couch crashing room; they’re full. I find another student housing building but they want the $2,835 upfront. (Also an application fee and security deposit.) Shit I do not have that laying around. There’s no “I’ll pay you when the financial aid comes through” contact.

Domino number 2: Financial aid refunds (aka the extra stuff you can use for books and living expenses after tuition is paid) are not disbursed until July 12 or any of the 10 days following July 12. Classes start on June 4. They end July 26. Isn’t it so helpful to get your refund 2 weeks before the semester is over?

So I’m stuck. I need a place to stay but don’t have a huge amount of money to pay upfront. On to craigslist we go! Living alone is out of the question, it’s too expensive and is usually well over $1000 a month with utilities. So we’re onto finding a sublet or someone looking for a roomie. Once I find some that seem legit it’s time to compose the perfect “I’m a nice person and financially stable sort of, please let me live with you!” email.

The journey continues…

hopefully I’ll have a place soon.